What type of Hosting Service Provider should I use?

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LaraPass works best on a VPS. While VPS with cPanel or Direct Admin or Plesk will work without any issues, we personally recommend choosing from one of the following VPS providers (starts for as low as $5)

Digital Ocean (Recommended)



Since these VPS provide raw server with resources, we will need a server manager to run our PHP applications such as LaraPass. Some of the suggested are -

Ploi (provides a FREE account for 1 website with Free SSL)



Laravel Forge (Created & Managed by the Creator of Laravel)

We also recommend downloading & installing Bitvise SSH Client or any other of your choice so you can connect to your server easily.

We do not recommend using LaraPass on Shared Hosting due to compatibility and security restrictions. Furthermore, we will not provide support for Installing Larapass on Shared Hosting. Do it at your own risk.

- LaraPass Support