Personal Version vs SaaS Version

LaraPass - Your Personal Password Manager LaraPass - Your Personal Password Manager / General Last updated on Updated  Aug 19, 2019

LaraPass Personal Version is designed for Personal Public/Private use only and not intended for Group/Organizational/Commercial use, as such it does not come with any features/functions intended for organizational usage like teams, internal sharing, tiers, membership system, etc.

LaraPass SaaS Version is a separate version of LaraPass designed for Software-As-A-Service use and as such is build for commercial usage with features in particular for organization such as teams, membership system, etc. SaaS version of LaraPass is completely separate and different from the Personal version and as such requires separate SaaS License - details of which will be available once the SaaS version is ready for Public release.

Any user that holds a valid license of LaraPass Personal Version  will get an additional  $35 discount when purchasing the SaaS version.

If you have any further queries regarding LaraPass, feel free to open a support ticket.

-LaraPass Support